Using Twitter to Define FOAMed

Michelle Lin had a few hours before a presentation and was able to quickly pole the world on what FOAMed can do for students. Impressive.



Patient confidentiality: Fair or foul

Post at Jezebel about a doctor complaiing about a patient who is habitually late. Seems fair to me. Hospital didn't think so.

Facebook post

The patient response to this post are rather heated

Now she is the most reviled St. Louisan on Facebook and made headlines as far away as New Zealand.

My thoughts is that the original post was relatively pedestrian and understandable but the avalanche of shame brought on this doctor makes me think that I am off base here. What are your thoughts?

Some great comments over at Greta Van Susteren's blog.

Since Posting this today I have received a lot of feedback via twitter. Here are the best:



The trouble with comments

I stopped comments on PBFluids a number of months ago as the quality of comments fell in parallel to the rise of twitter. By the time I stopped comments I was deleting 40 comments for every one that was productive.

Dear Josh95,

The New England Journal of Medicine would like to thank you for posting a comment on our blog. We here at NEJM are enthusiastic about new media as a means to interact with our readers, and we appreciate your eagerness to participate in this exciting new form of scholarly discourse.

However, the peer reviewer we assigned to your comment has expressed some concerns. Since the blog entry you commented on was an original research article dealing with medical oncology, we have assigned a reviewer with a similar expertise to your comment. You will find a copy of the reviewer’s remarks below.

— McSweeney's

Maybe if I used a peer review system I could increase the quality of comments.